Leslie's Dragonfly Studio

About Leslie L. Spradlin

Leslie Lawrence Spradlin was born in the hot summer of 1974, the day Richard Nixon resigned.  Perhaps it is this reason she has always had an interest in politics.  She was raised in many different places around the state of Georgia including Gainesville, LaGrange, Forest Park, and Jonesboro.

Leslie’s grandfathers, father, and mother all had a strong creative streak, so it was no surprise when Leslie fell in love with all aspects of art.  A totally awesome art teacher, Carrie Triko Wideners, took Leslie under her wing and helped her develop and hone that artistic talent.

Later, as a senior in high school, another art teacher, Mrs. Michaels, helped Leslie get her portfolio into shape so she could get a scholarship to Clayton State University to study under Thomas Daughtery.  While in college, Leslie illustrated her first children’s book and won the Art Purchase Award for several of her paintings.

Leslie puts some of herself into each piece of art.  Whether it is a memory from childhood or a lesson learned along the way, every piece that Leslie creates has a reflective quality to it.

It is her purpose in life to make beautiful pieces that are affordable, thoughtful, and lasting, and this is what makes customers come back time and time again.