Leslie's Dragonfly Studio

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Quotes I bought a picture of a yellow lab you painted on the top half of a screen door. The dog looks like he's waiting to come in. It's hanging in our New Orleans home. I love it! It represents the spirit of all the dogs I have loved in my life. It also creates a "window" in that wall. I will treasure this for years to come. Great work and thanks for the creative spirit you have ---Rob Quotes
Rob Booms

Quotes Leslie painted a photo of our grandmother's home that is beautiful and will always be cherished. I have so many fond memories of being there and because of Leslie, I can see that home everyday. Quotes
Julie Carroll
Family Fan!!

Quotes Leslie is just an awesome artist who truly sees the world with a new outlook. She is also a wonderful wife - I should know, I'm her husband. Quotes
Leslie is awesome!